Beavis Electrical take pride in their safety record, which is one of the best in the business. They invest in training to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the sites on which we work.


All their staff have:

  • Elevated Work Platform (to 11 metres) training
  • Working at Heights
  • Confined Spaces training
  • Arc Flash training

They also have staff with specialised training in:

  • High Voltage Access and Switching Training
  • First Aid
  • RSI (Rail Industry Safety Induction) and Tracksafe
  • Signal Repair Qualifications

This training enhances site safety. It creates the flexibility to deal quickly and safely with critical situations or surges in demand on jobs.

Everything Beavis Electrical does is according to Australian Standards. This is particularly crucial in delicate areas such as installing equipment into cardiac wards, where any voltage leakage can be disastrous for patients.

Their thinking about safety is not confined to ticking the boxes, however. They pay attention to detail. If they're installing external lighting on a site, they ensure the right amount of luxe is available to work on the site, but also that light doesn't spill and pollute the areas beyond it.


Beavis Electrical cares for the work they do and the clients that contract them to do it. The management team are all experienced, qualified electricians. They know what quality work is and how best to achieve it. They also take pride in doing the best job possible.

Caring means they don't cut corners and they don't buy contracts. It means building in excess capacity for future expansion. The care Beavis Electrical puts into their work results in lower maintenance costs down the line and less chance of expensive plant and equipment going wrong.

They don't juggle their staff from job to job. When they put a crew onsite, that crew stays until the job is done. This enables them to pay attention to the small details that make one job better than another.

You can trust Beavis Electrical. That's why they've been working for large clients like Port Waratah Coal Services, NIB, Mountain Industries, Hunter Health and The Greater Building Society for more than 10 years, quite a few of them for more than 20.

The combination of their experience and honesty gives true timeframes and pricing for jobs. Their attention to detail means that all safety and OHS requirements are met without you having to find someone to check it. They turn up when they say they will. They also work hard to minimise the disruption to your business while they're onsite, and they clean up after themselves before they leave.


Beavis Electrical is run by electricians, who like being electricians and who like a challenge. They're the contractor people go to for the diagnosis of and solutions to difficult electrical problems. Over the years their advice and fixes have saved clients thousands of dollars.

They do the unusual jobs that other contractors might shy away from. Like converting the American wiring diagrams for a fleet of dump trucks into Australian single line schematics. Or testing and repairing failed control equipment at the top of self-erecting construction cranes.

Their expertise means that many of Beavis Electrical's customers find them a valuable resource not just in doing work, but in figuring out what work is necessary and outlining the specifications for it.

Beavis Electrical believes in growing the expertise of their staff by bringing up young electricians and providing them the opportunities to gain specialised electrical qualifications in areas such as signal repair, cable jointing, high voltage maintenance and telecommunications.


When you work with Beavis Electrical what you see is what you get. That means

  1. Clear quotes with no hidden extras and reduced chance for variations
  2. They quote the price they think it will cost to do the job properly
  3. They communicate with you honestly in real time about issues as they arise.

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