Rail and transport

Beavis Electrical works with Australia's biggest railway and transportation companies, such as Aurizon, ARTC, Transport Express, Mountain Industries and Signal Support. Their railway work includes signal repair, electrical work on the refurbishing of rail yards, lighting installation and work on fuelling facilities.

Beavis Electrical are one of the rare contractors to have a full-time cable jointer with Signal Repair Qualifications on staff. If there's a problem with the signal cabling on your network they can act fast to fix it.

Their staff also have dual RISI (Rail Industry Safety Induction) and Tracksafe training. This means they are qualified to work across ARTC and client borders. You won't need two contractors to do the one job.

Data and Cabling

With trained staff and top-end equipment Beavis Electrical is ideally placed to provide for your building or site's data and cabling needs. We have staff with ACA licenses, data certificates and fibre endorsements.

Recent work in the roads and infrastructure field include the installation of a microwave link and fibre optic communications for Thiess's Hunter Expressway Compound.

Beavis owns high-end data and cabling equipment such as an Optifibre Tester, DTX 1800, Fusion Splicer and Cable Jinkers. This makes for a better value and time-sensitive service.

rail and transport Clients

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